My Baby, Stay Strong | 29 Weeks

I don’t really know what to write about this experience but I’ll try my damn hardest . . .

On Saturday March 2nd while on a quick baby moon in Palm Springs my water broke while I was out for dinner with my husband and his brother.

My husband and I went to the local ER assuming it was just some un-important “leakage”. We quickly found out that my water had ruptured and I was having contractions every 10 minutes. The doctor on call came to speak with us and told us that we could be having the baby by morning and that we needed to stay in hospital, in Palm Springs, for a minimum of 5 weeks. I’m sorry, WHAT? If the baby stayed put they would induce me in 5 weeks. If the baby came it would need to be in the NICU for a minimum of 5 weeks.

Cue the shock, panic, racing thoughts and tears.

. . . We are from Canada. We can not be in this hospital for 5 plus weeks. We can not actually be having our baby at 29 weeks. We can not afford out of country medical bills. We need our family. We are flipping terrified . . .

I started being pumped with antibiotics for infection, magnesium for our baby’s little brain to fight against cerebral palsy, steroids to help my baby’s lungs develop, having bloodwork done, being monitored for baby’s movements, my contractions, etc. It’s all really a blur. The whole night just began to fade away.

But let’s talk about my hero for a minute. My husband. Amidst all of this, he did everything I could have ever imagined . . .

First and foremost he made sure I was ok and was being properly taken care of. He asked the doctors and nurses all the questions I couldn’t as I was pretty drugged up. He raced back to our Air BnB while I was asleep to pack all of our bags. He dealt with our insurance. He sought medical advice from my midwives back in BC. And then he found us a way back home to BC in the safest way possible.

At 4am he whispers to me, “We are getting out of here.” I couldn’t comprehend how. He said “We are leaving in the morning. I’ve booked an emergency medical jet to get us home as long as you feel comfortable with it.” What? How? Is this safe?

My contractions had started to slow from the magnesium I was on and they started to space out to one every 45 min or so. The flight home would be 2hrs and 40min .... the medical jet had a highly experienced anesthesiologist on board who worked at LA children’s hospital delivering pre-mature babies and resuscitating them when need be. It also had a critical care nurse from the military on board. But...

What if something happened to the baby in the jet? What if I needed an emergency C-Section during the flight? What if something happened to me? What if I had to give birth in there? It was one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever had to make, but we made it together. I seemed to be stable by morning otherwise we would never have left.

We went against medical advice, signed the papers, and got picked up by ambulance to head to the airport.

We prayed and prayed as we boarded the jet. Lord, please keep this baby safe and in the womb until we get to BC.

The flight was smooth. We both slept most of the way and I only had 3 contractions on the way. Praise the Lord. Never have we been more excited to be back home in freezing cold BC. We went straight to BC Women’s Hospital and were admitted right away.

It has now been confirmed that my water is broken and I am 4cm dilated. I will be in the hospital now until the baby is born due to risk of infection, lower amniotic fluid levels, and the fact that when the baby decides to come it will most likely be very quick as I’m already half way dilated.

It’s been 9 days now. Our little hospital room has become home here and is our new normal. Our baby is being monitored regularly and is really active, happy and doing well. We are so grateful that we’ve now made it to 30+ weeks. We will probably be living here at the hospital for 6-8 weeks and are adjusting to this news and crazy experience.

A lot of times we are terrified but a lot of times we are also calm and peaceful.

When our little one gets here we will let you know. ❤️



  • Mindy Robertson

    Praying for your little one and for you both. So thankful that God has his arms of protection around you 3 ❤️

  • dawn

    We were in Brisbane babymooning from Auckland and suddenly there was this slow leaking, call to the MW back at home and she said get to the hospital. We were told we should stay for monitoring and 24 hours later we were on our way home on a 3 hour flight thanking the lord for insurance. Ollie stayed put until 32 weeks but was born with a lung infection and was so tiny that really it felt like the fight started then. 8 weeks in hospital and we were finally home. It was a long few years waiting to see if his sight, hearing or development had been compromised and he did suffer greatly with his ears but now at 14 he is health and a whopping 6’4 and its only when reading stories like yours that I can ever remember that time. Stay calm and think of all the joy that will come xxxxx

  • Bonnie

    As a Canadian and having personally gone thru a medical crisis in the USA with a family member, I have to say your husband rocks! I was the one on the phone, dealing with the insurance company for days and it was no easy task. Am so happy for you, that things are going well and wish you and your family the best of luck❤️ Sending hugs and positive thoughts from Nova Scotia.

  • Danielle Walker

    Praying for you and baby daily. You are doing amazing and what a story you are going to have to tell baby when he/she is older…I cannot wait to meet your sweet bundle of joy but not for several more weeks hopefully. I am here if you need anything what so ever. Xo

  • Kim Henry

    Wow what a great husband you have! He sounds like just the kind of guy who will also be an amazing Dad! Glad to hear you are back in the hospital and your little one is doing well. I will look forward to your post or story introducing your precious baby! Stay well.

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