Are Wall Murals Hard to Install? Let's Talk About It.

Installing a wall mural can transform any room, infusing it with personality and style. However, the question of whether wall murals are hard to install is common among homeowners, interior designers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Let's break it down for you and chat about the...

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Valentines Day Recipe - French Chocolate Yogurt Cake

Let’s talk Valentine's Day. Picture this - a cozy night in, just you and your special someone. You decided to ditch the crowded restaurants and opt for a romantic evening at home. Why not elevate the experience by making your own chocolate dessert? This dreamy...

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Top 3 Home Design Trends of 2024

Here's our personal favourite "top 3 home design trends of 2024" that we can't wait to try this year.  MAXIMILISM  An abundance of colours, patterns, textures, and decorative elements. It encourages a mix of styles, allowing for a personalized and visually stimulating environment. Vibrant hues,...

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