General Product Information

What is anewall?

Started in 2013 by two sisters-in-law, anewall was created for people searching for an affordable vintage wall decor lineup. Since our conception, we have evolved into a luxury wall decor company that seeks to provide a breath of fresh air for consumers searching within the cheap, bland, and otherwise repetitive wall decor marketplace. anewall is all about allowing the customer to customize their space to be unique and different. We want your space to be a statement, and we are happy and honoured to help you create that.

Where are your products manufactured?

All anewall products are produced in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

What are your wallpapers and wall murals printed on?

We offer three different types of material for our wallpaper and mural designs:

1. Pre-pasted Wallpaper - our classic, semi-matte finish wall covering option. It is a permanent wall covering option and simply requires water to activate the pre-pasted adhesive on the back of the paper. It doesn't require additional glue or paste. This is our simplest and favourite “DIY” installation method.

2. Traditional Wallpaper - our classic, flat-matte finish wall covering option. Our thickest and most luxurious material. It is a permanent wall covering option that requires a wallpaper paste/glue for installation. We highly recommend hiring a professional for installation.

3. Peel & Stick - our temporary wallpaper application that uses a quick sticker backing removal installation process. It is a semi-matte finish vinyl material with a removable adhesive. This product can be removed easily from your walls and is great for renters! This one can be tricky to install so we highly recommend hiring a professional for installation or having at least one person to help you install.

How should I apply the wallpaper?

You can find installation videos and instructions at our Installation page. We also include installation instructions with your order.

Important Tips:

Install your wallpaper Left to Right!

Always make sure to lineup the design between Peel & Stick panels before peeling the backing.

Keep the wallpaper in the install room for at least 12 hours beforehand. This keeps the material from shrinking and expanding once installed.

Always use a ruler when trimming the excess material

How long will the mural and wallpaper stay up?

Our Self Adhesive Vinyl products are perfect for temporary application uses. However, if you take care of your product, it has the potential to last for years. Our Self Adhesive Vinyl product will generally last 2-3 years indoors. Do try to keep your adhesive product away from sunlight and heat sources as this can damage the adhesive and cause your product to peel. We cannot guarantee the anewall adhesives durability outdoors due to varying weather conditions. Our Pre-pasted and Traditional products are permanent wall covering options and will last indefinitely.

Eco-friendly wallpaper material options?

All our wallpaper materials are printed with our water based inks. We have two super eco-friendly wallpaper options... Traditional and Pre-pasted wallpaper materials are GreenGuard Gold Certified and PVC free. Checkout our blog here for the ideal material for you: https://anewall.com/blogs/anewall/help-which-wallpaper-material-is-right-for-me

What surfaces can I apply the murals and wallpapers to?

We highly recommend smooth wall surfaces for installation. If your wall is rough, bumpy or newly painted, the product may not be able to fully adhere to the wall. anewall cannot be held responsible if any graphics applied to a bumpy texture that do not stick. That being said, most applications should fare well.

If you have a textured wall begin by sanding the surface down to prevent bubbling from occurring during application. Then, grab a clean, damp cloth and wipe down the surface. Allow one to two days of dry time before applying your mural. Do NOT wash your mural with soaps of any kind or any other liquid cleaner. Instead, opt for a dry cloth to clean your anewall product.

What happens if I make a mistake with my installation?

No problem! With our Self Adhesive Vinyl material option, just peel it off your wall and try again! Always make sure to take care in preparation of your wall surface and removing your wall decal.

For Traditional and Pre-Pasted Wallpaper applications we cannot be held responsible for installation errors. However, please contact us and we’d love to help you resolve any issues.

How should I remove the mural or wallpaper?

The removal of our Self Adhesive Vinyl products is easy! Expose a corner of your design with your fingernail and slowly peel it off the wall. Be patient in your removal technique to decrease the chance of any paint specks coming off with the removal of the product. If you’ve applied your vinyl product to a less porous surface like glass, we recommend that you use a hairdryer (set to a low heat) to warm the product. This slightly releases the adhesive, making it even easier to peel off.

The removal of our Pre-Pasted and Traditional Wallpaper products will require a standard wallpaper soak and strip process.

Will the Self Adhesive Vinyl products damage my wall?

No, our Self Adhesive Vinyl products should not leave any residue or paint damage. However, we cannot be sure of the condition and quality of your painted wall surface, and some paint flecking may occur. If this occurs, some minor paint touch-ups will be required. Be slow and careful with your removals.

What is Monet Canvas?

Our Neschen Monet Canvas is a heavyweight-coated canvas. This canvas is strong, yet flexible and has a matte finish. The monet canvas specialized coating allows for a vibrant, photorealistic print that is sure to impress.

What is a Matte Print?

We use the highest quality, 10 mil Matte Paper that provides the highest quality photorealistic prints. The Matte Print is an excellent choice for image clarity, bringing accurate and vibrant color reproduction to your print. Use this material in the frame of your choice for the best results.

Does the colour of my product differ from what I see on screen?

The color of the photo displayed may vary slightly from your monitor to our printer. Since all monitors differ, we cannot guarantee that the color displayed on your monitor will come out exactly as you see it. If you are worried about how the image may change once printed, please purchase a sample order here: https://anewall.com/products/samples. Colors may also slightly vary between materials.

Shipping Information

What if I have a special request regarding my order?

You can leave us any requests that you may have during the second step of the checkout process. You will see an option to leave additional comments during this step, and these comments will be reviewed by our staff. However, if you are in need of a custom size, please contact us on the Customize form located at our top menu bar before placing your order. Please read our FAQ “Custom Order Information” section for more details.

How can I ship to an address different from my billing address?

When placing your order, you have the option to select different addresses for shipping and billing. If you wish to select different addresses, simply uncheck the “Use delivery address as the billing address” box, and the option to have separate addresses for the order will be given to you.

Will all of my items from a single order ship together?

Yes, from a single order all of the products will be shipped at the same time. However, separate shipping tubes may be used in order to ensure proper shipping integrity.

How do I know when my order has shipped?

You will receive an email from us stating that your order has shipped. This email will include a tracking number so that you can track the progress of your shipment.

How can I track my order?

You can track the shipping progress of your order using the tracking number that was sent to you via email at the time of order shipment. You can also find this information in your Order History, which is located on the My Account page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer international shipping, however, rates will vary. Check our Shipping section to find more details on our international shipping policies.

Do you ship to Italy, Russia, Spain or Mexico?

Yes, we offer shipping to Italy, Russia, Spain, and Mexico. However, due to the shipping infrastructure we are unable to guarantee delivery. anewall is not responsible for any damages, undelivered packages, and issues regarding the product.

Custom Order Information

Can I request a specific size for any product on your site?

Yes! Please include the requested size in the comments section of the Customize form located at the top of the menu bar. We will do our best to accommodate your request. That being said, some photos cannot be increased past a certain size due to the original quality constraints of the photograph. We will contact you if the size request cannot be met, and we will discuss further options from there.

How much does a custom order quote cost?

Custom order quotes are free. Please fill out our custom order form and we will promptly reply within 1-2 business days with your custom order quote.

What type of media is offered for custom orders?

We can offer any media type that we currently stock. If you wish to have a different type of media we can discuss that with you after the customization form has been filled out. If a specific media is not requested for any of our wallpaper or mural designs then the order will be printed on our pre-pasted wallpaper. To see descriptions of our other media please see the beginning of the FAQ.

How do I stay updated with promotions and new products?

Join our mailing list to stay up to date on promotions and new products!

Order Information

How will I know that my order has been placed?

As soon as your order is placed you will receive an order confirmation email. If you do not receive this email please login to your account and check your order status under “Order History”.

After I place my order, when is my credit card charged?

Your credit card will be charged once the order has been placed. Your order then enters our shipping queue.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept almost all forms of credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Diners Club. We are also happy to offer PayPal purchasing.

How do I know that my credit card information is secure?

If you place an order on our site, we provide 256-bit SSL encryption to make sure that your credit card information is secure. We are partnered with only the most reliable credit card processing merchant known as Stripe who provides us with PCI compliance and deals with the secure processing of your information for us.

How are taxes calculated for my order?

We currently do not charge tax on any of our orders except within Canada! GST will be applied to all Canadian orders.

What if I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ?

If you have a question that is not listed in the FAQ, please visit the Contact Us page and submit your questions! We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Do you cover custom or duty charges?

Unfortunately as each country may require varying custom or duty amounts upon arrival of your package, Anewall is not liable or required to cover the costs.


Do you offer returns?

anewall does not offer returns for any reason other than a damaged or defective print. All purchases are made to order and your order is made just for you. For a return, we require a picture of the entire mural laid out on the ground and zoomed images of any defects. Due to varying installation methods, any partially or fully installed murals will not be refunded. For this reason, we urge you to lay our your product on the floor as soon as it arrives and inspect it before installation. We do not accept returns or exchanges for any reason 30 days after delivery.

Do you offer exchanges?

anewall does not offer exchanges for any reason other than a damaged or defective print. Please ensure you have selected the correctly sized piece for your space when placing your order. Custom orders are not subject to returns or exchanges.