Wallpaper Instructions

1. Surface preparation:

To ensure your anew adhesive sticks to your application surface, you want to make sure it is both clean and dry! grab a clean, dry cloth and give your surface a brief wipe down. For best results, priming your wall with a universal primer is recommended.

2. Applying the adhesive:

Once you have planned where you want to place your wallpaper panels, time for the adhesive. Do not dilute the adhesive. Brush an even coat of paste over the back of the panels. make sure to cover the edges. fold each end of the panels towards the middle, pasted sides together, to ensure the edges do not dry out. Leave like this for 10 minutes.

3. Installing the panels:

Use a plastic scraper (credit card) to smooth the wall covering onto the wall. Place the second panel to the edge of the first panel. If paste gets on the wall covering, clean it off immediately with clean warm water and blot dry. Seems should be vertical, have a tight fit and not be located closer than 6” to corners.

4. Applying a top coat:

Once you wall covering has been hung, cleaned and dried, it is advisable to protect the surface w/ a liquid top coating. We recommend dreamGuard Protex 3. 


You are done! Enjoy your new wall mural.


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