Welcome to the World, Sammy Roe

On June 6th, we welcomed our little girl, Sammy Roe Balzer into our family. She was a little bundle of heaven we had prayed for and we were hit hard with the cloud 9 bug! 

I had gotten pregnant in September with Sammy, following a miscarriage we had in the Summer. She was our rainbow baby and we were over the moon! Now with all that excitement, those first trimester symptoms hit hard. Constantly feeling nauseous with zero appetite, not to mention the horrible after taste in my mouth anytime I did eat something. I was living off toast, yogurt and gum. You hear people having cravings throughout their pregnancy for ice cream, or watermelon, pickles, all I wanted was a big bowl of yogurt throughout my entire pregnancy. Thankfully after the first trimester the nausea and exhaustion faded and I was feeling more like myself.    

Fast forward to 39 weeks pregnant, I started to have suspicions that I was nearing close to meeting this little one, likely due to the Braxton hicks and lighting crotch (the name fits the bill) and the “show” ramping up. At 12 am on Thursday, June 5th, I started having contractions, not much of a lead up besides some cramping the day before (which felt like nothing more than period pain.) The contractions had started at 5-8 minutes apart and continued throughout the night and Friday day with the same consistency and strength. To pass the time, I kept bouncing on a ball, watched Lord of the Rings with my husband, ate popsicles and went for a couple walks, by 5 pm, they finally started to move from 5 min apart, to 3.  I jumped into the shower and found that really helped me to relax, and as a result, the contractions grew stronger and less time apart. We decided to call the midwife and start packing for the hospital. As my husband was on the phone with the midwife, my water broke and I started to projectile vomit in our kitchen. All I wanted to do in that moment was go back into the bath and birth our baby at home, the thought of getting into our car to drive to the hospital seemed so daunting; and I was the right, the drive over was the worst! We arrived at the hospital and got omitted pretty quickly to get checked, I was 8 cm dilated around 8 pm. From that point I was trying to cope with the back pain I was having, I felt the contractions more in the back than my stomach. 10 pm rolled around and I was told I could start pushing, this part was a lot harder then I anticipated it would be. I pushed for two hours, trying different positions to see if that would help. Turns out the baby was spine to spine, hence the horrible back labor and feeling like she was a bit stuck in there. After two hours, it was either get this baby out or a doctor was going to have to step in. Thankfully, the baby's heartbeat stayed high so there was no concern for her being stressed out in there. I pushed for another hour, and with the most utter relief, she was delivered at 1:34 am. We had decided to keep the gender a surprise, we thought the anticipation would be well worth the wait! I thought so strongly it was a boy throughout my entire pregnancy, but when the midwife placed her on my chest and told us we had a girl, I could not believe it, but oh boy was I thankful she was here. 

And now just like that, two weeks have gone by. Two weeks of pure bliss and running off adrenaline. It still feels surreal and it hasn’t hit yet that we get to keep her!  So thankful for Sammy, and how in a moment she flipped our world upside down in the absolute best way!


  • Camila Lightening

    She is very gorgeous well done to you and your husband. For my first the pushing part was very unexpected and he was in no hurry. He looked like he had been beaten up after two hours travel time in the birth canal. His sister, well…more like two minutes!

  • Raylene Bergmann

    She is so beautiful💕 adorable family!

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