Design Your Own Staycation - 7 Tropical Wallpaper & Interior Ideas

We've been longing for some brighter days an overdue vacation over here! Anyone else? Since a majority of the world has been stuck at home and our passports have been collecting dust - let's chat tropical vibe interiors and how to create them. 



Our Bombora Mural is the perfect mural to achieve a tropical vacation interior. This mural is as fun as it is bright and will be sure to impress everyone who sees it.  



The Cali Mural brings the sweet sun to your space no matter what the weather is like outside your window. You can almost feel the heat through that California sunlight. With this Cali wallpaper on your wall, summer nights never have to end.



Tropical doesn't always mean bright and vibrant - get swept away with our vintage inspired Watercolour Blue & Grey Cloud Wallpaper. Soft,muted tones interlace to create soothing clouds, guaranteed to have you daydreaming all day long. This versatile mural is great for any space. It can be seen most often in bedrooms or living rooms because it gives off a sense of peace and serenity.



Do you want to feel like you are living your bungalow dream life on a Hawaiian island? Simple! Purchase the Banana Leaf Mural and you will bring the tropics straight to your home. The Banana Leaf mural gives you a gorgeous balance between contemporary and bohemian.



Our Verbena Mural reminds us of a sweet, beachside bungalow, the taste of tangy lemonade, and the sun kissing your skin. Bright yellow lemons and the cutest cockatoos are sure to brighten your day and your walls!



Bring the luau straight to your home with our Melika Mural. Oversized hawaiian palms and creamsicle yellow flowers make this statement wall so much fun - giving you an approachable boldness and luxury that only the island life provides.



Keep it minimal with our Birds of Paradise Mural. Splashing this across your walls will keep your home bright and welcoming. The soft green and oversized palm leaves will add a subtle depth of charm to help you create your beautiful space. 

That's all for now and we hope this gave you some sunny inspiration for decorating. 

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