Top 3 Home Design Trends of 2024

Here's our personal favourite "top 3 home design trends of 2024" that we can't wait to try this year. 


  • An abundance of colours, patterns, textures, and decorative elements.
  • It encourages a mix of styles, allowing for a personalized and visually stimulating environment.
  • Vibrant hues, intricate patterns, luxurious fabrics, and an assortment of decorative items. 

It's basically curated chaos - stunning to the eye! 



  • Timeless sophistication and a touch of luxury
  • Combinations of classic elements with modern flair resulting in elegance.
  • Neutral colour palette with accents of deep greens, rich blues, and warm reds.
  • Tartan stripes and plaid
  • Plush upholstery, fine fabrics, and leather furniture for a polished look but keep it comfy!

Details like wainscoting, coffered ceilings, and moldings are super common - adding a touch of traditional charm.



  • Jewel tone paints which add a touch of opulance and shine to walls 
  • "Washing Your Walls" which includes painting the walls, doors, ceiling, trim and moldings all in the same colour. 
  • Warm Reds (Colour of 2024) 

Choosing the right paint colours and where to put them make all the difference. This year "more is more". 





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