4 Ways To Style Your Thanksgiving Table This Year

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year? Here's a few fun and timeless ideas for your Thanksgiving table-scape this year. 

1. Texture, layers, texture, layers.

We love texture & layers! The options are vast when it comes to decorating a holiday table. We kept it minimal but cozy. We have been loving the look of a bare reclaimed wood table (which we always have on hand for hosting), so we decided to go that direction and we simply added an airy linen table runner for an additional layer.

2. Natural Elements

If you're anything like us and having a hard time accepting summer is over, and that most if not all gatherings will be indoors, we found that bringing the natural elements inside helps. Bonus - they look great as decor. 

Include your kids too! Get them to each pick out a mini pumpkin and have them place it on the table to create a fun centre piece like we did here. We went with white pumpkins but any pumpkins would fit. Let's get the family geared up for the harvest festivities. 

3. Tableware

The tableware options are endless ... we personally love ceramics and use white ceramics in the office and at home. Use what you have to keep it simple. If you're hosting a large group you can always rent your tableware too! When it came to the tableware, we thought it would be a fun idea to reach out to a local event rental company in our area Host Collection and ask them to help us spruce up our table with some of their gorgeous dinnerware sets! We love supporting small businesses and this allowed us to get more creative this year in selecting what we wanted. 

We chose their gorgeous white and blush ceramic plates, classic goblets, and copper cutlery. As you can see, it did not disappoint! *heart eyes* 

When it comes to your center piece, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Take the effortlessly cool approach and just go with some dried florals, tapered candles, and minimal decor like we decided to do - or go all out and arrange a gorgeous fall bouquet and fill your table with family style serving dishes! Options are endless, and Pinterest will be your best friend when it comes to getting inspired.

4. Custom Name Cards

Add a personalized touch to your table with place cards. We love place cards and I'm was always in charge of helping my mom with them on our Thanksgiving table when I was young. We DIY'd it this year by using wallpaper samples and turning them into place cards! You can place them flat on top of your plates or fold them over and display them standing up. This adds a little extra charm to your table.  Another plus to adding these cute name cards is it allows you the option to have full control on the seating arrangements, so you can mix the teens in with the adults, and just skip all the *who sits where* drama.

Light up your favourite candles, turn on your favourite playlist, sit back and enjoy your gorgeous table that’s all set up. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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