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Terrazzo, nice to meet you.

"Hi terrazzo, nice to meet you.  

I've been thinking about you for a while now. Finally seeing you face to face is a dream come true. You really do make everything feel like home." 


It's been love at first sight for us and this outrageously gorgeous terrazzo print we released last month. Apparently, it has been for you guys too. 

Terrazzo is typically a type of cement flooring consisting of small chips of marble and granite molded in and is very expensive. The design style is being majorly sought after in today's home renovation projects, so what did we do? We made you a more affordable option of this beauty, and it's for your walls! Let's look at it dead on, rather than under our feet shall we? 

The design is multi-functional. It can be paired with subtle details and neutral furniture for a more refined look or it can be paired with other eye-catching trends such as rattan textiles, bright linens, and for the green-thumbs, PLANTS! 

Are you obsessed? It might be time for a new wallpaper install in my home ... just sayin'. 

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