It's All Roses 🌷 : Sweet Laurel Wallpaper Nursery Reveal

Take a tour through local fitness guru & wellness instructor Meray Froese's newest nursery!

We got the chance to visit and photograph this sweet little space. The room is small but inviting and "screams" peaceful (what an oxymoron eh?). The Sweet Laurel Mural romanticizes the room covering two of the four walls, leaving you wanting more. The details in this room are perfect! Also, big sister Evangeline is more than excited to meet her baby sister and it was such a pleasure to spend some time with her in this space - she is the sweetest!

We chatted with busy boss & mama, Meray, to hear all about her vision behind the nursery and her journey through pregnancy and motherhood this far! 

Keep scrolling to see our Sweet Laurel in action, and read Meray's interview with us!

What was your vision for baby’s room? What made you pick the Sweet Laurel Mural? 
I really wanted the nursery to be a relaxing space with minimal clutter. It's not a big room so I wanted to be smart with my use of space. I instantly fell in love with the Sweet Laurel Mural because it while it is feminine I love the element of greenery. Also, the wall paper gives the appearance that it is texturized which adds so much dimension to the room.

What is your favourite piece of furniture in the room? 
My two favourite pieces of furniture is my Ivory Boucle Babyletto Glider. It's so comfortable and is such a beautiful piece. I'm also in love with my light fixture that I bought from Etsy, the store is called CairoStoneAndBrass. I first fell in love with this fixture than realized it's made and shipped from Cairo, Egypt which happens to be where I was born.

How are you looking forward to spending time in this space with baby? 
Surprisingly, this is our first time actually having a nursery. When my daughter Evangeline was born we lived in a one bedroom condo. I am so excited to have a quiet and comfortable space to nurse and have skin on skin with my baby girl. 

What has been the most rewarding and difficult part of motherhood for you this far?
I absolutely love being a mother, and find it to be the most reward aspect of my life. Watching my daughter grow and experience life, and being able to just love her unconditionally every single day has been a true joy. And of course, the challenge is showing up and parenting even when you're exhausted and don't necessarily feel like it. 

 Thanks for joining us today on this nursery tour! 

Shop the Sweet Laurel Wallpaper here 🌷.


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