Sweet Laurel Bakery - A Recipe for Success

Every year from the ages of 5 to 9, my mother would ask me what kind of cake I would want for my birthday. I would answer, without hesitation and with overt eagerness, "The Oreo chocolate cake from Save-On-Foods!!!" For those of you that are not Canadian, Save-On-Foods is the Canadian equivalent of Albertsons. I think it is safe to say I really loved chocolate cake. My mother soon realized this trend and would try getting me a healthier alternative. But, year after year, I would do everything in my power to make sure I got that chocolate cake. And I did.

Meet Laurel Gallucci, one of the faces behind Sweet Laurel, a whole foods baking company. Laurel was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. This had her on a strict elimination diet with specific instruction from her doctor of "never eat[ing] chocolate cake again". So, what does Laurel do? Like the five-year-old me, find any and every way or loophole to eat chocolate cake again.

Laurel started creating chocolate cakes and other baked goods that were grain-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, that left her friends drooling for more. One of those friends was Claire Thomas. Claire, the mastermind behind her own food and lifestyle blog The Kitchy Kitchen, saw how this new way of baking had transformed her friend - physically, mentally and spiritually. Claire asked if she could partner with Laurel on this journey. Together, they created Sweet Laurel.

Founded in education, Laurel and Claire wanted to create a space where eating good food, health and wellness, and a body positive perspective could meet and thrive. With a goal to show others the power of healing through food, while staying true to their feminine (think florals - lots of them!) and modern aesthetic, Sweet Laurel has grown into more than just a food company. Rather into a community of food lovers that empower one another in their journey of finding that healthy balance.

When the inspiring duo came to us this past Spring with a vision to create a mural that fit their aesthetic, brand and values for their first ever shop in Palisades Village, Los Angeles, we couldn't say yes fast enough.

It's been such a fun experience creating this unique piece for Sweet Laurel and we are so excited to finally share what we created together. With an emphasis on soft pinks and life-sized florals, this feminine look creates a delicate space where customers can sip their lattes and eat their delicious cakes. Take a look at how our hand painted Sweet Laurel Mural ties together their picture perfect shop!

We love that this mural was created with their goal of empowerment in mind, and now this mural can serve as that reminder in your space too! It is now available for purchase here or at www.anewall.com, just search "Sweet Laurel Mural".

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, the next time you are in the Los Angeles area, the Sweet Laurel Shop is a stop you will have to make!

You can find more about Sweet Laurel on their Instagram and website

Photography by Stephanie Todaro.


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