Removable Wallpaper: Everything You Need To Know

Let's talk removable wallpaper today guys! Here are the answers to the most asked questions we get - all in one place for you! 

First of all, do we offer it? Yes absolutely. We have three different types of wallpaper available for each mural design offered. Our removable type is known as "Self Adhesive Vinyl". 

How do you install removable wallpaper? It's a peel & stick application! The panels of our removable wallpaper all have a removable lining on the back of them. Once you remove the lining you expose the sticky part of the panel and you put it on the wall like a giant sticker. Of course, there's a bit more to it - please read your instructions carefully before installing! 

How long will removable wallpaper stay up? Our peel and stick product is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 2 years. However, this is a minimum and usually the product will last much longer! We've had one up in our family home for about 5 years now ... it still looks perfect. 

Is removable vinyl wallpaper "glossy"? Some, but NOT ours! We personally prefer matte-finishes around here at Anewall and our vinyl wallpaper is no exception. 

Will removable wallpaper work on textured walls? Unfortunately our peel and stick product will only adhere properly to completely smooth walls. Don't let this scare you off though - no one wants bumps underneath their wallpaper anyways. You can easily sand down your wall with an electric sander until smooth and then you're ready to go. Your wallpaper will adhere perfectly. 

Is removable wallpaper re-usable? We get this question a lot ... no, it is not. The panels of your wallpaper are very large and very sticky. As you remove them from the wall the tension created causes the panels to stretch. After the panels have been removed they no longer have that protective lining on them to stop them from sticking to themselves, collecting dust etc. 

Will peel and stick wallpaper wreck my walls? No, it won't! You can gently peel down your vinyl wallpaper panels when you are ready to remove them. Do this slowly and carefully, pulling down towards the ground. If you want to be extra cautious about protecting the paint on your wall we recommend applying a primer to the wall before installation. What does the primer do? Essentially, the primer acts as a barrier between your wall paint and the wallpaper. The adhesive on the back of the wallpaper will stick to the primer, rather than the paint. 

Who should buy removable wallpaper? EVERYONE. This is such a great product for anyone. Sometime's it's really difficult committing to just one design option or aesthetic. But with removable wallpaper, you don't have to. If you need a change in a couple of years - no problem! 

Even with all of this information, wallpaper can still be scary. We get it. So to help put your mind at ease watch the installation video link below.

If we can do it, so can you! 

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