Local Eats: Best places to eat on Oahu's North Shore

Oahu's North Shore is one our favourite holidays and this year was no exception. It is the definition of "chill out", just relax. That being said, we wore the same clothes every day and ate our hearts out. Here are our recommendations for places to eat on the stunning coast line. 

1. Seven Brothers 

If you're craving a home-style burger this is the place for you. Our family is obsessed with finding the best burger joint in every place we travel to and this place was really good. We ate here twice! There's burger options for everyone whether you are a big meat eater or a vegetarian. We also finished every meal off with "Mom's Home-made Banana Bread". It was a must-have. 

2. The Sunrise Shack 

An oldie but a goodie! Not just a goodie, probably our favourite spot. If you haven't been here on the North Shore this is a must! The little, bright yellow and orange shack on the side of the road serves up the best papaya bowls. Yes, PAPAYA bowls. They're filled with so much goodness - PB, granola, goji berries, cocoa nibs, fruit, honey and more. They also serve bullet coffee. If you don't know what that is, look it up. 

3. Farm to Barn 

The cute little red barn on Haleiwa's main street is serving up some of the best cafe food we had on this trip. We went here on the last day of our holiday and I wish we went sooner. All food here is either locally grown or produced right next to the cafe. Nothing better, am I right? Our favourites - the bruschetta avocado toast and the burger. They also had such great kids options too which was perfect for Harley! 

4. Elephant Shack 

GIVE US ALL THE THAI FOOD. This little food truck is one of our favourite spots to do for dinner. It's so casual and low-key (perfectly fitting for the North Shore). It gets super busy so we like to go early, straight from the beach and bring it home to eat. Yellow curry, pad-thai, spring rolls - everything is so fresh! 

5. Haleiwa Bowls 

This is for all the acai bowl and smoothie lovers out there. The little hut is great for breakfast or for a mid day, pick-me up snack! Think cold, tropical and refreshing. They have a large, healthy menu. You can add "botanical supplements" to your drink which is super fun - great for the health nuts or people who are just curious about supplements. I'm not a health nut by any means but I love trying out new collagen and mushroom powders so for me, this is fun! 

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