Bathroom Reveal: Office Renovation Edition

If you follow us on Instagram you've probably seen little peeks into our office expansion and our washroom renovation. We have some very exciting news - the bathroom is complete and we can't wait to give you a mini tour!

One of the first things we picked out for the washroom was of course, wallpaper! We went with our Verbena Mural which is a chinoiserie inspired design. It's bright,  airy, and has the cutest cockatoos & lemons on it. The design just makes us happy. 

To help us select some of our final touches we did a couple of polls on our Instagram and had you guys help us select a decor like hand towels, soap dispensers etc. Pink was voted in as the accent colour and it turned out so cute.  We love that it pulls from the pink in the wallpaper!

Black accent decor is trending right now and we are all about it. The black mirror & waste basket were a yes for us. 


Installing around windows can be tricky but here is our fool-proof window installation tip.

Paste the wallpaper panel up around the window and allow the glue to set/dry a little bit before trimming. Trimming around a window while wet tugs at the mural and makes it harder to get a clean, precise cut. When it's time to trim/cut use a brand new, sharp exacto knife. Place it flush against the window sill to make sure you are getting the most precise cut. Once you have successfully trimmed off all the excess paper around the window go back over the wallpaper with a damp sponge - especially on those edges to re-dampen the glue and seal down those edges! 

Thanks for tagging along! if you want to see more photos/video footage of the space before the renovation make sure to check out our IG profile


 Wallpaper: Verbena 

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