Let The Adventure Begin

When we first started Anewall over 5 years ago, we began by designing murals that were inspired by vintage, victorian landscapes comprised of muted tones and minimal colours. Over the years we've transitioned into brighter designs that include large feminine floral prints, whimsical patterns and contemporary art pieces. For our most recent collection we wanted to create something we hadn’t done before, and something that would be both fun and gender neutral for every person and space, THE QUEST COLLECTION.
The collection features two new hand painted murals: the Rainier Mural and the Sedona Mural by Swedish artist Mira Kurkiala. These murals depict scenic landscapes that were influenced to bring out the adventure seeker that lives in us all.
Let’s meet them...
R a i n i e r

Photo by @kindredvintage

Photo by @tayaphotography 

Rainier was a tribute to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This painting is composed of large mountain peaks that dip into a valley of water and surrounding forest. It has mixtures of blues, greys, and teals with a soft pink sky. The Rainier Mural is a perfect addition for making a statement on any wall, and has the ability to make you feel like you really are amongst the mountain ranges.
S e d o n a
Photo by @tayaphotography 
Photo by @hartman_haus
Photo by @hartman_haus
The Sedona Mural presents a glimpse into the stunning Arizona landscape. The painting features colours of burnt reds, light pinks, muted oranges and olive greens. We created this mural for the ones who love the desert heat, the sandy ground, and a bed of cactus plants to make you feel like you're really walking through the Sedona Sandstones.
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