The Slow Living Collection: An Inside Look

We're saying a big hello to a cozy autumn season with a closer look at our newest wallpaper launch, The Slow Living Collection. We are so excited about this collection for many reasons.

The colours - they are so warm and gorgeous and each design completely complements the next. You could have all three of these up in your home and they would look so cohesive throughout - just stunning. 

The collection was inspired by the traditions of homesteading because over the past year we have been implementing a slower paced lifestyle revolved around the home as a way of life for our families. These pieces remind of us of that choice we've made and this new lifestyle we've created. 

Designs by: Averi Llanes & Megan Ivy Griffiths

 Midsummer Harvest Wallpaper

Bring a whimsical charm to your kitchen or pantry with this country-side farm to wall design. This water-colour crop brings cozy feelings of autumn harvest into the heart of your home.


Mosaic Moon Flower Wallpaper

Add a folk touch to any room in your home with this bespoke mosaic pattern. A vintage statement with a soft garden feel that is sure to bring serene cottage-core vibes wherever it goes.


Greenhouse Promenade Wallpaper

Inspired by Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, this romantic take on an English garden greenhouse is the perfect way to add a vintage warmth to your home. Designed to evoke feelings of a slow lane serenade, it's a wonderful and warm addition to any homestead.

We can't wait to see how you style each of these new designs and let us know your thoughts below.  Shop our new "Slow Living Collection" here! 


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