How To: DIY Pre-Pasted Wallpaper Installation

Let's chat about installing your own wallpaper - without a professional! Daunting I know, but if we can do it so can you. Not to mention, it's going to save you a ton of money. Grab a partner and and let's do this. Let us help you by breaking it down into some simple steps: 

 MATERIALS NEEDED: Clean dry cloth, paint roller, measuring tape, level, straight edge ruler, Exacto knife, plastic scraper or squeegee, wallpaper tray, seam roller, water, and a sponge.


To ensure your anewall adhesive sticks to the surface, make sure it is completely smooth, clean, and dry. Walls must be smooth before installation. Any type of wall texture, including orange peel texture, will not allow your mural to adhere properly. Give your surface a brief wipe down with a clean, dry cloth.


Please lay out all panels before beginning your installation. Revisit our website if you need a reference photo of your design. The panels included in your package are numbered on the back and must be installed in chronological order from left to right in order to achieve the final mural design. Mark your wall for positioning of Panel 1. For ease of installation, leave a 2” bleed of excess on the left side. To ensure straightness of your mural, use a level to mark the end of Panel 1. 


Roll out the first panel with the printed side facing down. Using the paint roller, apply a generous amount of water onto the back of the panels to activate the glue. Book the wallpaper by folding each ends of the panels towards the middle, pasted sides together. This ensures the edges do not dry out. Leave it like this for 10 minutes. The product will expand slightly during this time.


Leave a slight 2” bleed overhang at the top of the first panel to begin installation. This will avoid any gapping due to slanting and uneven walls and ceilings. Use a plastic scraper, squeegee, or damp sponge to smooth out the panel onto the wall. Unbook the wallpaper as you go. Finish off by securing the seams using a seam roller and trim excess wallpaper. 


Place the next panels to the edge of the previous panel. Panel seams should be vertical and have a tight fit.


* If you're a visual learner please watch our installation videos at 

XX Sydney & Richele 

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