Hang Loose this Summer.

Hang loose this summer, with our new product that you're bound to love.

One word. Linen. 

Yes we adore wearing it in the summer as it keeps us cool in the sweet sun, yet why limit ourselves to only wearing this admired fabric?

Luckily, we have got all the linen lovers covered this summer. Decorate your home with one of our effortless yet statement, 100% linen tapestry pieces. Our new tapestries have been specially crafted to give that oversized mural feel to any space. Bringing a relaxed feel with our Sandi Tapestry, or decorating your little ones room with the Prickly Pear Tapestry.  

We are ecstatic to bring out our tapestries because they offer a wall ornament that is temporary and effortless. Not to mention they are perfect for the indecisive, as you are able to rehang this bad boy as many times as you please.

Our brand new product is now available in five different mural designs. 

The Elsi - Giving your space a dreamy and retro rainbow vibe. This playful tapestry will lighten the atmosphere of any room. 


The Blossoms - A sophisticated floral print that contains modern dainty flowers for a bold elegant statement. 


The Sandi - The loveliest strokes of blush and peach will drape against your wall without a touch of paint. Muted warm tones of this mural will bring a bohemian yet minimal vibe to any room. 



The Honey Bloom - This enchanting floral print will radiate light in any room. Perfect for a subtle statement.  


The Prickly Pear - Lively and perfect your little ones dream room! Colour and life will follow wherever this tapestry goes. 


They are luxuriously designed, easy to hang and perfect if you have commitment issues. What else could your home need? 



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