Get The Perfect Fit: Measuring Your Walls

Interested in decorating with one of our murals or wallpapers? But your wall size doesn't seem to fit within our standard order dimensions? Not a problem.  

Here are the two reasons you SHOULD place a custom order with us: 

  • Your wall measurements are significantly smaller than our standard size measurement 
  • Your wall is larger than our standard size measurement and you need more material to work with 

Let's talk about how to measure your walls and get that perfect custom-sized fit based on the type of wall or room you are working with. Because honestly, it can be really confusing to know exactly what details you need to include when requesting a custom order. We like to keep it simple. 


A basic wall is just a square or rectangular wall with no "obstacles". When taking your measurements, please just measure the width and height (in inches) of the wall. Send them through to us and we will be happy to custom quote you. 


This is the type of wall that has some interference. For example, a window or a closet door in it. When taking your measurements, please completely disregard these "obstacles" (treat them as part of the wall!). Send through your width and height (in inches) and we will be happy to custom quote you. 


A sloped or angled ceiling means your wall height will vary from one point to another. When taking your measurements, please take the measurement at the highest point on the wall. During installation, the mural will need to be trimmed as you install down the slope. Send through your width and height measurements (in inches) and we will be happy to custom quote you. 


If you choose to cover more than wall in the room with wallpaper, just add up the total width of the walls you'd like to cover. Using the image above for example, add the width of wall 1, 2 and 3 together. This is your width measurement. If the heights of these walls vary, please use the tallest height measurement. 

(W1 + W2 + W3) x H 

Send through your final width and height measurement (in inches) and we will be happy to custom quote you.  

We hope this helps simplify the process of measuring your wall for a custom order. Please feel free to reach out to us at with all your custom order inquiries or if you have any further questions at all. 


  • Lisa Clement

    I received your sample and would love to order a mural but my wall is 155” wide. No obstructions. The ceilings are 8’. Please advise best options.
    Thank you

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