The Blanc Collection: An Inside Look

Serene, tranquil, neutral, minimal - these are just a few of the words that pop into our heads when we think of The Blanc Collection. We thought it would be so much fun to interview Anewall's founders and sister duo - Richele & Sydney to pick their brains on all things Blanc, hear their styling tips, and so much more.
Check out our interview with Richele and Sydney below!
Richele and Sydney Interview Pics
Q: What was your inspiration behind this collection?
Richele: The inspiration behind the Blanc Collection was light airy spaces that have a subtle design.  I just love this collection because it’s been designed with the purpose of “effortless” styling.  We created this collection to create designs that were minimal and mature while being versatile in anyone's home. Incorporating these designs into a space that caters to different styles and aesthetics. 
Leaf Bedroom Wallpaper
Q: Who designed these murals? 
Richele: Our design team worked alongside two incredibly talented artists, Kasey Free and Kate Holloway. They happen to be friends and together we worked to create these three light and airy designs that are very complementary to each other and are going to look incredible in so many spaces and places!     
Leaf wallpaper sample piece
Q: Which of the three is your favourite and why?  
Richele: My favorite is the Calla Lily! I love the intricate detail and layers of the shadowing, florals and leaves that layer on top of one another. I just think it’s so beautiful! It’s not overly feminine but just the right touch and I love how versatile it is!
Sydney: Loving the new lines design! I can’t wait to see how different people style it. The past couple years I’ve fallen in love with chic-geometric designs. I’ve got a lot of neutral colours in my home that have line patterns in them creating extra dimension. My favourite designer is Sarah Sherman Samuel – her home is amazing. Check it out on IG @sarahshermansamuel xx
Leaf Wallpaper multiple designs
Q: How would you style the Calla Lily Mural?
Sydney: This can be styled so many ways but for me I’d start with a large focal piece of furniture in a cool, light grey color – like a big sectional. I’d cover it in ivory and sage green accent pillows. I’d accent the couch with a light wood coffee table and a thick pile/shag rug. Probably in ivory – keeping with neutrals. A really oversized rattan light would look really pretty against this design too.    
This would be a living room I’d love to be hanging out in.    
Q: How would you style the White Ivy in a more feminine room?
Richele: The White Ivy design would look great in an entryway with a console and a couple of pieces in front of it! Or could totally style it in a powder room / bathroom since it wouldn't be too overwhelming in a small space! 
Dining room leaf wallpaper
Q: How would you style the White Ivy in a more masculine room? 
Sydney: For a more masculine style I’d steer away from white accent pieces and bring in a darker colour palette. I’m currently loving midnight blue, olive green, chocolate browns and even black. Just that simple shift in accent colour can have a hug impact.  
Q: What type of room do you see the Lines Mural in?
Sydney: I see the Lines mural in a kids playroom. I mean, it can be used in pretty much any room but I’m dying to get my hands on a playroom to decorate with this. It’s just a versatile design – think of it like an easy going best friend. It’s fun but subtle enough, and compliments pretty much anything you decide to put up against it. I’m daydreaming about bright playful colours, bookshelves, white boucle reading chairs, an eclectic gallery wall and so much more … !  
Peel and Stick leaf WallpaperWe hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our brand new Blanc Collection. We are beyond excited to see these fun and unique designs styled in all of your spaces. xx 

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