Top 5 Home Trends for 2022

Over the past 2 years, many of our homes have received more love, care, and attention than the past five years combined. With that in mind, we wanted to start off this year with a list of 5 home trends you will be seeing a lot of in 2022. 

1. Curved Furniture Silhouettes

The sharp lines of mid-century modern will always be in, but more and more we’re going to be seeing a softening of furniture silhouettes - curved edges and feminine shapes are rising to the forefront. These designs are so fun and really add a unique flare to home interiors. 


2. Texture, texture, texture! 

We're happy to say layers and textures aren't going anywhere this year. Incorporating lots of different textures with neutral colour palettes can do a lot for a space. This year, mastering that mix is going to help add warmth to your home, creating that inviting space you've always wanted. With this trend, throw the idea of "less is more" out the window - we just want more! 


3. Parisian-Inspired Decor 

Our passports may be collecting dust, but that doesn’t mean that our homes can’t transport us to our favourite countries in the world. The Parisian design style offers an eclectic but modern home feel where blemishes and flaws are always acceptable. We like to call it vintage. 

TIP: Anthropologie is our go to spot for Parisian styled home accents, making this trend almost effortless.  


4. Fun Foyers

You know what they say, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." Entryways to our homes—including foyers and mudrooms—need just as much love and attention as the rest of your home. From vintage art to plants and baskets, aim to create a curated but welcoming feel for your guests when they enter your home. 


5. Home Bars

Our homes have proven to be places of entertainment and comfort more than ever during the global pandemic. Home bars are going to be something we see more and more of in 2022. Whether you have the space to do a built in cocktail bar or something small & simple like a bar cart, we are here for it. 

We hope this got some of your creatives juices flowing, we can't wait to see what magic you create within your home! 


Images via Pinterest, sources unknown. 


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