10 Nursery Trends for 2021

2021 nursery trends are becoming bolder, more inclusive, and even more unique and we are so excited to share our recent favourites with you! From vacation vibes, to cozy warm tones, no one’s stopping us from going big for our nurseries this year. Prepare for the best ever inspo for your new babe’s cave, from us, to you!

1. Tropical Vibes:

One big trend that we are totally hopping on this year, is the tropical staycation! Possibly stemming from a world that’s been stuck at home, we are very eager to bring the tropical environment into our spaces. From funky patterns, to big tropical plants, we are seeing more and more unique designs coming to our nurseries, and we’re not complaining!

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2. Gender Neutral:

We are starting to stray away from the all pink and all blue nurseries that have always been the staple, and for good reason. With the movement of inclusivity, comes more new design choices by young families and we are loving it! This means a lot more neutral tones, greenery, and a healthy mix of colour. We love this trend!


3. Interesting Shapes: 

This year is all about being bold and unique, especially in the use of shapes! This means interesting arches, curvy and rounded furniture, uniquely shaped area rugs, and more. We are loving seeing everyone jump out of the box this year and getting their creativity flowin!


4. Bring on the browns:

Now that we’re broadening our horizons past blue and pink nurseries, we are really seeing a lot more earthy tones. We are especially loving terracotta because of its bold, yet calming, essence it brings to every room! Experiment with this trend by bringing in wooden elements, dried Pampas Grass, or of course one of our stunning neutral toned Wallpapers! 


5. Let’s Explore:

The outdoorsy family, this one’s for you! This exciting theme celebrates bringing the outdoors in, and perfectly fits with the gender neutral trend with all of the earthy tones and natural textures. From beautiful mountain landscape wallpaper, to little decor elements inspired by all over the globe, there are many ways to bring this trend into your babe’s new nursery.


6. Vintage Meets Modern:

There is something totally nostalgic about bringing in vintage elements to your room, and we are loving seeing this trend carried through to our nurseries! Add a stunning antique dresser and pair it with a clean modern crib, for a touch of character. Or even pair a few thrifted decor items with your modern furniture for a unique touch to any nursery room!

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7. Rattan and other Natural Textures:

We are all about creating a calming space, especially this year. Natural elements like rattan, wicker, and pampas grass have definitely been on the rise, and aren’t going anywhere. This trend is great for those Boho and Scandinavian lovers, but can truly be integrated in any design style.

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8. Statement Light Fixtures:

Make a bold statement with your nursery this year, by bringing in a unique light fixture to set the tone! Try a fun Rattan or unique beaded fixture to add a pop to your room for 2021.

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9. Warm is the New Cool

The rise of grey lamanant floors is finally over, and we’re moving into the 2020’s with all of the warm tones! We are truly loving this trend, especially getting into Summer 2021. Colours like dusty rose, burnt orange, muted yellow, and more will be coming out to play even more this year. Think colours of a sunset, and you’re hitting the nail on the head with this trend!


10. Bold Wallpaper

This one’s gotta be our favourite, for obvious reasons. We are obsessed with big bold wallpaper and murals, and they are only increasing in popularity as the years go on! Nothing anchors a room like a stunning wallpaper to tie your nursery together. We’re seeing a lot unique patterns too, from funky florals, to playful fairytale designs, to even gorgeous watercolour landscapes! Here are some of our favs for 2021

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