Decorating with indoor plants

I think it’s officially spring! And yes, I know it’s a little early but the sun is shining, cherry blossoms are blossoming and I ordered an iced coffee at Starbucks so it must be spring. As I’m cruising the internet I keep seeing so many beautiful interiors filled with green. Plants everywhere, creating dimension and texture for decorating. I’m really horrible at keeping my indoor plants alive (so I usually resort to cacti or just one vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table) but I still love the idea of decorating with plants in mind.

Yes – some of these pictures are a little ambitious and not for the mediocre plant caretaker but let’s at least get inspired shall we?

Hanging Plantshanging-plantsSucculent JarssucculentsPlant Cartsplant-cartJungle Plantsjungle-plantsUpside-down Dried Herbsdried-herbsImages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



Today marks the beginning of our 5 week collaboration with fitness competitor and nutrition expert Meray Froese, otherwise known as My Reward Fitness! We are so excited to be working with her over the next month and a bit. It’s so refreshing to have a guest contributing new and awesome content to our blog and not only that … it’s going to be all about food. We love food.

We asked My Reward Fitness to create five different nutritious and healthy recipes for us to try that still had a ton of flavour and that we could be excited about eating. Every Wednesday for the next five weeks we will be posting one of these recipes. We’ve got breakfast, dinner, snacks and a delicious shake recipe coming your way! Of course we will be taste-testing them and making them ourselves first, before declaring to the world how delicious they are but from what we’ve tried so far … Meray is killing it and we can’t wait to share with you.

We have also put together a little Q&A for Meray to answer some recipe questions as well as to get a little sneak peak into her life.  Follow along for the next five weeks to learn more, including everything from My Reward Fitness personal training and group fitness classes. So, cheers to week one! Breakfast! Banana-Chocolate-Protein-PancakeCoconut-PancakesHealthy Breakfast PancakeBanana Chocolate Protein Pancake 

You’ll Need:
1/4 cup of oats
1/2 cup of egg whites
1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder
1 banana

Blend ingredients. Place 1 tsp of coconut oil into your pan. Using a small ladle scoop batter into the pan and make your pancakes. Top with sliced bananas, coconut shavings and drizzle of maple syrup. Makes 4 small pancakes.

Q&A with My Reward Fitness

Q: Can you please explain the nutritional value of the pancake to us?
A: It is so important to start your day off with a healthy, balanced meal. The banana chocolate protein pancakes include healthy complex carbs from the oats and bananas, fast -digesting protein from the egg whites and protein powder, and healthy fats from the coconut oil. Research shows that having over 20g of protein first thing in the morning will increase your metabolism and satiety for the remainder of the day.

Q: Why do so many health recipes use bananas as a main ingredient? Could we substitute another fruit, like blueberries?
A: Bananas are often used in healthy recipes because they function as a great substitute for typical baking ingredients that us “health conscious” people are trying to avoid. Their creamy-like texture makes for a great substitute for oils, sugar, butter, eggs (for allergy purposes), and helps hold ingredients together while baking. Bananas are also naturally very sweet so they add a lot of flavour. If you are not a fan of bananas, unsweetened apple sauce is a good alternative.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself so our readers can get to know you! If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?
A : That’s a tough one. If I had three words to describe myself, it would probably be: I am a social butterfly – I absolutely love people, and love meeting new people. I am driven – I am constantly setting new goals for myself and I love challenges. Lastly, I am active – I am always on the go. I spend at least a couple hours exercising every day, and if I’m not training I love being outdoors or with people.

Q: When did you first become interested in health and fitness?
A: In my undergrad, I studied nutrition and exercise science at Trinity Western University. I was so fascinated by how the body works, and the benefit of having a balanced and healthy diet that I decided to dedicate my career to helping others learn about proper nutrition and exercise. In high school, I yo-yo dieted and went on exercise binges. I would eliminate carbohydrates from my diet and run 10km every day. Eventually I burnt out, and gained all the weight back plus more. Being educated in nutrition and exercise was one of the best things that have happened to me. I learned how to eat to fuel my body, and the benefits of exercise and gaining muscle. Being a personal trainer and coach is so much more than a career for me; it is my passion and my life.Meray--MRFThank you Meray for such a great first week! We had these pancakes for lunch the other day and they left us completely satisfied and best of all tasted great. We had yet to find the perfect protein pancake and this was definitely a winner.

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where to start with an empty space

Moving, re-decorating or revamping can be a daunting task. There you are, staring into an empty room. . . plain floors, blank walls and you are left with the task of somehow transforming it into a room that flows, is inviting while expressing your own personal flair. Believe it or not, it is possible.  People have been doing it for years ;)

But it sure would help to start off with some ideas to get started. We put together a couple of different ideas that can help fill your space and get you started. ↓  (and in NO way are we experts at this or interior designers. These are just some points we came up with that we thought would be helpful.)

Broaden your paint horizon – An easy way to change the whole feel of the space is a good ol’ paint job. But have you considered painting a couple different furniture pieces like a bed-frame or nightstand?  This can really be just as impactful as a full paint job to the walls.


How about some open storage –  We really love the look of open storage.  Whether its an ‘exposed closet’ in a bedroom or an open pantry shelf in the kitchen, it really fills a room nicely.


Add a mirror . . . or two – If you are wanting to open up your space, adding a mirror is a great trick to creating the illusion of a bigger room. 9d637aa46985000a8ccfe2e931066814

Hit that light – Good lighting can completely transform a room.  Side table and floor lamps will not only just fill the space but will bring it to life. . . and set the mood.


Personalize your space – Whats your style? What do you love?  If i were to create my dream space, it would be filled with linen and greys, and since i am quite the nerd when it comes to history, my decor would be consumed of authentic vintage items and pieces.  And why not make them the focal points?


Lo and behold that feature wall - Dont you love it when you walk into a room and certain focal points jump out and slap you right square in the face? I do too. Nothing says a focal point like a feature wall.  Whether thats a gallery wall with different frames, artwork and prints, or a large wall dedicated to a mural scene, and how about some floating frames, ah and dont forget about a good pair of antlers.  It dosent even have to be crazy busy, one piece can speak volumes.


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