Freefolding is currently one of our favourite Etsy shops. We have fallen in love with delicate, eye-catching ceramics!
Michal lives in Israel and spends her days crafting these beautiful homeware ceramics. Using techniques such as clay folding, engraving and silk printing she produces some of the most beautiful handmade ceramics we’ve seen in the Etsy world!

We had to get our hands on some of these. There’s something about adding a uniqueness to your collection of dishware, vases and ceramics around the house. We’re always looking for dainty, elegant pieces to add to our white-inspired kitchens – they add that extra touch of character! The mugs and cups Michal makes were a perfect fit.ceramic-dishestea-cupsceramic-mugkitchen-ceramicsWe still can’t get over the attention to detail in the making of these ceramics. Can’t wait to flaunt these cups next time we have guests and serve delicious drinks in them!

Check out FREEFOLDING on Etsy! Michal also makes a stunning assortment of plates, bowls, cups and planters (next on our to buy list!) If you’ve fallen in love with the cup shown above you can find it here.



If you follow any of our social media platforms regularly you probably know that our Watercolour Mural is one of the most sought after products in our shop. There are so many ways to style this mural and it’s makes an amazing focal piece. Here are a few photos of how this mural is being styled – some you’ve seen before, some you haven’t! watercolor-muralBluestone Lane in NYC uses our mural to tie in all the blue-green decor pieces they’ve got going on in their cafe. What an incredible way to utilize a small space and make it as eye-catching as can be. ↑pinkwallpaperCustomize It! This pretty in pink Watercolour Mural put the finishing touches on @allyshupe‘s nursery. Feel free to contact us with any custom colour or size requests for the mural here. ↑officedecorLocal photographer from Vancouver Island, Kelsey Goodwin has spruced up her everyday work space and office with our Watercolour Mural in blue. ↑watercolorwallpaperOne of our first murals done just about 2 years ago for the Pop Up Wedding project here in Vancouver. And yes, the mural makes an amazing one time event or party wall too! ↑
Photo: The Nickersons

Shop the Watercolour Mural now! On site we have it in Green, Blue & Grey.



This is my absolute latest obsession . . . Ceramic & Porcelain Dishes.

Whether it be big salad spoons, espresso cups or a delicate plant vase, I just love the unique style of handmade dishes. I am constantly coming up with excuses of why I need to buy these dishes for our own home or for others – bridal showers, wedding gifts, dinner gatherings, summer BBQ’s, on and on it goes! The best thing about investing in beautiful dishes is that you will have them forever. You’re always going to need them, so why not? Oh gosh, there’s another excuse for me to get some of these.

Here are my current faves found on Etsy. saltcellarBy The Object EnthusiastdinnerplateBy VirginiaStespresso cupsBy FreeFoldingsaladspoonsBy Avesha MichaelblueandgoldplatesBy Red Raven Studiosceramic plantersBy Convivial Production




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