This is currently the new go-to drink in our house, oolong tea. We walked into David’s Tea the other day to pick up some tea bags and they hooked us with their sample tea . . . they always hook us with their sample tea!!! Oh well, it was amazing.

Long Life Oolong
That’s what it’s called. This particular tea we tried (which is our new favourite) is made of peaches, apricot pieces, almonds, orange peel and safflower petals. It’s so light and is the perfect tea for enjoying a dessert with on a spring evening. We’ve switched from coffee to this in the evenings because it just makes us feel lighter after dinner and before bed. Coffee can sometimes add to the heaviness of dinner + dessert and make us feel blahh.

Why is oolong tea so good for you?
Oolong tea has so many amazing benefits for you. It has combined qualities of black tea and green tea as it lies somewhere in the middle of these!
1. It helps metabolize fat. That’s always good! It activates certain enzymes in the body that are used to enhance activity of fat cells and help reduce obesity.
2. It contains anti-oxidants which remove free radicals from the body.
3. Helps with skin conditions such as eczema and has anti-allergenic properties.
4. Contributes to bone health by preventing decay of bone-density.
5. Studies have shown that oolong tea helps to reduce stress levels in patients by 10-18%.Oolong-TeaOolong-Tea-VarietiesTea-and-a-BookCozy-TeaImages - 1, 2, 3, 4

You should try it – and if you don’t like the recommended flavour above there are so many different types to meet your fancy! What’s your favourite kind of tea?


Simply White

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eat pretty

4a4ad1911144ef8762138f57fed42952(ever tried one of these ↑ ???? if you havent, do yourself a favor and indulge because it is pure goodness)

Basically i would like to share a book that completely transformed my way of thinking…about food.

Couple months ago i noticed how my nails were breaking constantly, hair wasn’t growing and it was driving me nuts. My first thought was to buy a product or supplement to fix these issues. But i came across the book ‘Eat Pretty‘ and it promotes the idea that how bout we don’t buy things to cover the issues but actually solve the source – why our skin is dull and hair is brittle.  The book is filled with recipes, information about top foods for health (and beauty), which foods target different beauty concerns and seriously so much more.  I don’t believe in miracle solutions or fast weight loss diets but honestly this is an amazing book that shifts your whole mindset and pursues the motivation to eat healthy because of all the God given wonderful benefits.  And not only that, get EXCITED about it!  How can i make a meal with the most nutrients as i can?

My favorite thing about the book is the categories of individual foods, specific benefits and what nutrients you’re taking in when you eat those foods.  And besides the ‘pretty’ part, what about feeling energized? Hormonally balanced? ah so much goodness.   I can’t say it better than this review -

“The thing I love best about Eat Pretty is that it’s not a plan, a diet, a method, a craze, a cult, etc…Hart is inclusive and generous; offering dozens of healthy, nourishing options that you can eat to your heart’s content.  It is a much kinder way to treat yourself, no?  Rather than limiting yourself and denying yourself all day, you can actually get excited about what youcan eat, what you should eat, what you want to eat.” — Jessica Morse


Read the book.. promise you its not a snooze fest.

Also a list of my favorite food bloggers!  anddd check out the author of Eat Pretty blog!

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