the proposal

This has been one of the most exciting packed year.  With one brother married a month ago, and a month later another brother is engaged. Its all happening so fast.. how is it even possible that two siblings can be married within a year apart? I don’t know but lets just say my brothers lucked out with these gals.  Congratulations DEVON & HALEIGH you two are the reason they came up with the saying, ‘match made in heaven.’

Now.. the details of how it went down.  With this proposal, the main goal was the surprise element.  To take the opportune moment to pop down on one knee before she even realized what was going on.  Haleigh was ‘on call’ to work the Saturday of the proposal.  So with Devon’s diligence and creative thinking, he phoned her boss so someone could cover her shift (of course without Haleighs knowing.)  That next day they went to her favourite breakfast spot in Vancouver then off to Stanley park for a little stroll (where it would all go down.)  Meanwhile myself along with some of the family hid in a bush in the park, ready to snap shots when they walked by.  This was HIGH stress fyi.  Once they had pulled into the park.. literally two minutes into walk he pulled her aside and asked the big question. She thought he was joking at first but when he didnt get up (he was on his knee for quite sometime) she caught on to what was happening and just repeatedly said yes.Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Plenty of hugs and kisses later, they went on their way to their favourite casual date spot, Luckys donuts.  Now backtracking a bit, Devon had arranged their favourite booth to be reserved and a special heart shaped donut to be made just for them two (and of course extra were made for the family to try!!) So when they arrived, in the glass container there were the ‘Haleighs Special,’ otherwise known as Coconut Boston Cream goodness.   We snapped some pics and headed off.  From there they had some time to talk wedding plans and headed to the Aquarium (which she had been begging Devon to take her to for quite some time..btw she is an animals rights advocate so it only seemed fitting.)

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That night, both families came together and surprised Haleigh with a celebratory dinner at her very favourite Pizza Place. Whatta hoot!

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Haleigh what a gem you are.  We are over the moon that you are joining the Penner family and becoming a sister. Our love for you is quite immense  ♥



DIY | Book Page Wall

Photo-Book-WallFriday is by far our favourite day of the week. It’s probably yours too because it’s practically the weekend but we especially love it because it has become our “creative day”.  A day mostly free of printing orders and just brainstorming new ideas and doing fun DIY’s or shoots! Today we created a “Book Page Wall” in my new home office which was totally bare bones before this. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to show my husband when he gets home, he’ll be surprised . . . haha! Here’s how to make your own:

Materials – old vintage books of varying sizes and double-sided tapeinstallationpage-walltapingold-book-wallpicture-of-a-pictureDIY-Wall-Muralfinal-roomupward-viewvintage-portraitbook-wall-mural Instructions – beginning at the top of the wall, work horizontally from left to right taping up book pages of varying sizes and text images. TIP: Bring different corners of the pages out from behind others to add texture and a less uniform look to your wall like we did!


Birthday Girl

Last Friday we got to celebrate our little sister’s fourteenth birthday! Oh geez, she’s getting so much older by the day it’s mind-boggling. It has been the best to watch her grow up this past year into a beautiful young lady with so much passion and drive for life. Believe it or not she spends a lot of her summer days just hanging out with us in the office, coming up with new and creative ideas for us to post about and she loves to get behind the camera too! We are going to miss having her around everyday when school is back in September. Hanging out with us is way more fun than going into grade 9 right Halle?

Birthday-GirlVijs-VancouverVancouver-RestaurantsHalle-PennerLamb-PopsiclesRichele-PennerChai-TeaNaan-BreadChickpea-CurryFamily-PhotosBirthday-CakesPolka-Dot-Wrapping-PaperLove you lots Halle!




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