We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend celebrating Easter and munchin’ on lots of chocolate. We sure did. Richele spent the weekend in Seattle and Cole and I spent it eating turkey dinner with family and catching up on our reality TV. It was perfect.

Anyways, we wanted to introduce you to one of our new favourite pieces in the shop! It’s been up for a little while now and we felt it deserved the spotlight this week. David Cox has become one of our favourite artists and this landscape piece sums up why – watercolours, neutrals and simplicity. All of his pieces have this casual “messyness” to them and at the same time they shout elegance and sophistication. It will be 20% off this week and you can grab it here!

This piece of art is the perfect compromise for maintaining your raw, organic, decor style while pretending to decorate like a “grown up” – because no one ever truly wants to grow up, do they?

Landscap Watercolour ArtWatercolour PaintingsDavid Cox ArtworkMantle ArtworkOffice Decor Painting

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day – it’s beautiful out.


COMING SOON: New trending and creative ways to hang your art, stay tuned!


As you may have noticed we don’t have a DIY column here at r&s. This is mainly due to the face that we are not typical arts and crafts experts but we did come up with an easy, last-minute Easter DIY for anyone needing quick and effortless decorations for their turkey dinners this weekend. Using supplies we already had sitting around at home we made two different sets of fun decorative eggs!


You’ll Need:

1. White out (paint works too)
2. Metallic sharpie felts
3. Jute String
3. Hardboiled Eggs

Cover half your eggs from top to bottom in white out (if they’re brown). Once they have dried, draw different designs on the eggs with metallic felt pens. We like chevron, plus signs & circles. For the other half simply wrap jute string around the middle of the eggs. Then add a design or two to the tops and bottoms of your eggs. Easy!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter with family and friends. Let’s not forget what Easter is really about – let’s celebrate what Jesus did for us! Happy Easter!

are you a snoozer?

Most painful part of the day?  Getting. Out. Of. Bed. It is no joke and it is a struggle .. probably till the day i die.   I have heard before that women have a harder time getting out of bed then men. True fact? I am not sure but i will just continue to use the excuse, ‘I am a woman, i need a longer time waking up than a man.’ (insert attitude emoticon.)  It is a little scary to admit but i set my alarm an hour and half before i know i will get out of bed.. so yes i click my snooze button roughly 10x a morning.  The satisfaction of clicking that snooze and falling back asleep is (hate to admit it) a bad habit!

I read this article a couple days ago and i would highly recommend it if you are a snoozer.  Makes you rethink your morning routine.  Snoozing may feel good at the time, but it actually messes you up for the day. Now i am on the journey of breaking my poor poor habit…boo.


Perhaps put your phone away at night (that is a whole other topic) and check out some different clocks here

xo R&S

Bridal shower!

I woke up Saturday expecting it to be like most Saturdays, busy busy but a lot of fun. I was really excited because my girlfriend Kiyoka was taking me out for a belated birthday brunch. After shovelling down pancakes and a couple cups of coffee I thought we were going to go shopping for some wedding decor I needed. That’s when Kiyoka told me we had to make a surprise stop first. She whipped out a blindfold and told me I had to wear it. I had no idea where we were going but I began to brainstorm what we might be doing . . . going to the spa, going to Katherine’s house (“Katherine’s home from England!!! I thought . . .”) . . .

As soon as Kiyoka took a wrong turn and needed to re-navigate I knew I was totally wrong in my assumptions. When we finally arrived at our destination she led me up a series of wooden steps and I knew we were at a house and there was going to be people there. Great, i was wearing my “bum around saturday clothes and barely any makeup”. When I removed the blindfold we were at my mom’s house and I knew what was going on – my bridal shower. . .


. . . SURPRISE!!!


My reaction to seeing some amazing friends I hadn’t seen in forever. I was also so overwhelmed by how many people were there . . . 30? Wowza.




& smiles all around!


All my girls, too much gorgeousness in one place.


My lovely bridesmaid Lizzie (I’ll miss her like nobody’s business when she goes to Europe next week for 5 weeks. Be safe, love you!).


My love. Can’t even wait to marry him on June 12th! He’s the best.


Laughs. Emily probably told the joke & Lizzie burst out in hysterics. Lizzie laughs at everything!


Balloons & flowers. Let’s hope I can keep them alive!


I can’t believe my mom made this “towel cake”. I didn’t know she knew how to do stuff like that haha. Love you mom!


“Love You To The Moon And Back”


Too many beautiful gifts. Thank you to everyone, again!


My crown for the day.


Cole & Richele’s beautiful little cousin Isla ♥ check out that bow . . .


I love popcorn :)


The one’s who will be standing next to me on the best day ever. (minus 1 who I miss very very much, come home already Katherine!)


Emily, Kiyoka, Me, Lizzie & Richele. (Of course you all know Richele!)

I guess we will have to get my wedding decor another day ;) haha.

3 things we love


xo R&S

(p.s. not to mention we downloaded & love cocorrinas new font. Download it here)

whats in your shampoo?

AESOP-SKIN-PARSLEY-GROUP-SHOTOn the weekend i went shopping for this shampoo that not only my friend was raving about, but apparently all of the internet as well.  Once i started reading the ingredients, i was a little appalled at all the chemicals packed into the bottle. Yes there were different protein ingredients and repairing attributes in it but lets be real..  would you eat cake if it had a little poo in it?  I wasn’t even aware that my own shampoo that has ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ splashed all over the front of the bottle has different colour dyes and smut in it as well.  If i don’t want to be eating chemical dyes.. why am i smothering my scalp in them?

So. Heres a little list of things to watch out for next time you pick up some shampoo.

Say NO to: (now im sure the list is endless but here are some of the top contenders)

  • Sodium & Ammonium Sulfates
  • Polysorbates
  • Dimethicones & Silicones
  • Triethanolamine & Diethanolamin
  • Propyl, Methyl and Butyl
  • Colour Dyes

Check out:

Do your research on what shampoo you should be using. Just because it says natural on the front does not mean its good for you or your hair.

xo R&S

A (very) special birthday

To begin to say ‘Happy Birthday Syd you’re the best’ would be a complete understatement and I have a little bit more to say than that.

Sydney and I have not only been working together for a year now, (for goodness gracious we are not only business partners!) but she has been apart of the Penner clan for almost two years now.  Do you know a detrimental fear that a girl has when she has older brothers? Who her sister in laws are going to be.. and trust me its a scary thought. There are all sorts of colourful ladies out there and trust me this got me concerned. Not only for my brothers, but for myself (i admit selfishly thinking.)  That is when Syd comes in. Pretty much a saint.  I constantly laugh to myself that Syd wasn’t scared off the first time she came over.  Usually when one goes over to someones house, the family acts a little bit more reserved and polite because of their guest.  But i guess the Penners can never be that way.. that night our family got into a colourful ‘quarrel’, our dog decided our couch was a good place to take a poop and poor Syd was caught in the middle. Welcome to the fam Syd was what i was thinking ;)  But i guess she didn’t mind because she kept on coming over.

Sydney is one of the sweetest, most optimistic people i have ever met. She would never say a bad thing about anyone. She just constantly loves and gives.  And never once has she spoken down to anyone.  We all know those bossy people that think they know best, and that can be expected when two people work together daily, but not once! And i cannot beginnnn to say how thankful i am for that. I have had a fair share of dumbo moments working and each time she hasn’t been anything but encouraging.

When you meet Sydney, the whole saying beautiful on the inside and out actually makes sense.

With Sydney and my brother Cole getting married in a couple short months here, I can rest my head at night knowing I have the best sister in law in the world.  Happy Birthday Syd! xo


Mourning Dove Giveaway

TGIF! Let’s kickstart this weekend off a little early shall we?

We are hosting a giveaway for $40 store credit to Mourning Dove Native. All of the jewelry made by the incredibly sweet shop owner Shio is authentic native american made – so cool. All her pieces are simple enough for everyday wear and the edgy native feel is the perfect way to complete your look. Oh and did we mention how affordable it is? We just received some goodies of our own from Mourning Dove and can’t wait to show them off!


Here are the rules. To enter you must:
follow @shiowaline on instagram + visit @anewalldecor instagram and share the giveaway photo. Don’t forget to tag @shiowaline and @anewalldecor in your post and hashtag it #mourningdovegiveaway so we can count your entry!

The giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be announced next friday. Feel free to enter daily!

Cinnamon Grapefruit Soda

While in Arizona over spring break we made a habit of going to True Foods each morning for a freshly squeezed juice or soda. This was by far our favourite and I’ve been dying to have it since being home. We found this recipe created by Sarah Jespersen on Processed Free and Me blog and decided to try it out with a couple of changes.


You’ll Need:
1 Grapefruit (the darker & more red the better!)
Vanilla Extract
Agave Syrup
Carbonated Water

1. Squeeze out all the juice & pulp from the grapefruit into a small saucepan.
2. For a large grapefruit add 1 tsp of cinnamon, for a small grapefruit add 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.
3. Put this on the stove & bring it to a boil.
4. After a minute it should be really bubbly. You should now constantly stir the mixture for 5-7 minutes until the liquid is reduced to half. Then remove it from the heat.
5. Strain the mixture to remove the pulp.
6. For a large grapefruit add 1 tsp of vanilla to the mixture, for a small grapefruit add 1/2 tsp of vanilla.
7. This is your syrup!
8. For 1 cup of carbonated water add 2 tbsp of syrup.
9. Stir in 1 tsp of agave syrup.

*Cool tip: Don’t throw away the pulp! Serve it with some vanilla ice cream, yum yum yum it’s delicious!


Two weeks can sure fly by. By the end of it i realized i did not take as nearlyyy as many pics of the trip as i thought i had.  Ever happened to you? Oh well.

Summary of my trip according to these few photographs ↓

birds eye view


like hello… i was tempted to uproot this plant and bring it home with me.


 trust me i did my best to find a rattlesnake amongst those boulders.  failed.


 True food kitchen.. their refreshers were out of this world. All natural and freshly juiced daily.


hikes were sure a highlight of the trip.  Arizona people you got it gooood.


old, little western towns here and there. if only i had brought my cowgirl outfit…


they aren’t kidding when they say tie wearers beware.


first spring shot!


i sure had time to plow through some good books. 4 in total. record for this slow reader.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetfarewell sweet arizona.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

xo R



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